Upcoming Email Notification Policy Change

Hiro Asari,

We send about 14,000 notification emails every day. We understand that these emails are critical for you in order to stay on top of the projects' status. It is important that our notifications are meaningful and helpful.

When we change the notification policy, therefore, it is paramount that we keep you informed about the change well in advance.


This change affects only the builds triggered by pushes to the repository. The builds initiated by pull requests are not affected.

Current policy

The current policy is to notify owners of the repository, as well as the committer and the author of the commit we test.

These email addresses were taken from the commit itself.

This resulted in some unwanted email; for example, the author of a commit we test can receive email from us when the build occurred on a fork of a repository over which she has no control.

New policy

The new policy will be as follows:

  1. If the commit occurs on the default branch, then the owners of the repository will be notified.
  2. If the commit occurs on a non-default branch, the author and the committer of the commit who are also owners of the repository will be notified.

We will use email address on our database.

Effective date

This new policy is scheduled to go into effect for both Travis CI and Travis Pro next Wednesday, November 27, 2013.

We know that patch authors of popular repositories were overwhelmed by our notifications. For this, we apologize. This new policy will reduce the noise. So, continue to be awesome and send your awesome patches to any project you want without fear of spam from us!

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