Flowdock Notifications

A HUGE thanks to Phil Cohen (@phlipper) for writing this guest post and adding this awesome feature!

I love platforms that enable collaboration and streamline workflows. Travis is a great platform for seamless testing and collaborative development (and what’s not to love about an organization who shows so much love in return?!).

Flowdock is a fantastic platform for communicating and coordinating with teams, and has an amazingly simple and flexible set of APIs for enabling custom integrations.

I couldn’t sleep the other night, so I scratched an itch and integrated the two!

Just add the following line to your .travis.yml to get in the flow:

  flowdock: [api token]

You may notify multiple flows by using a comma-separated string or an array in the configuration.

Flowdock has nice support for build notifications, setting the message icon based on the build status. You’ll know immediately whether the build has been broken or fixed, as well as who the villain or hero is. Neat!

This feature is available on both Travis platforms, open source and for private repositories.