More CLI tricks

Just a few days ago, we announced our new command line client. We just did a new release, and are proud to announce that it learned a few new tricks.

Most of the commands that were part of the new travis gem release
Most of the commands that were part of the new `travis` gem release.

These are the commands that shipped with today’s 1.1.0 release:

  • console - opens up a pry console with the travis gem loaded, authentication taken care of, and all constants imported
  • disable - disables a project, but why would you want that?
  • enable - enables a project, now we’re talking
  • encrypt - encrypts strings with the project’s public key
  • endpoint - displays the API endpoint
  • help - gives you more infos
  • history - displays the project history, filter with --branch or --pull-request
  • login - authenticates you
  • logs - displays logs for a given job number
  • open - opens the repository, a build or a job on Travis or GitHub
  • raw - let’s you play with the API payloads directly
  • restart - restarts a build or a job
  • show - displays a build or a job
  • status - displays the current project state, use -pqx for shell scripting galore
  • sync - triggers a new sync between Travis CI and GitHub
  • version - well… you know, the version
  • whatsup - tells you what’s going on on Travis
  • whoami - in case you forgot who you are (or want to check if you’re logged in)

Additionally, the underlying Ruby library has seen a lot of improvements, check out the documentation.

Now get excited and make things.