The New Build System is Live

As of today, all of Travis CI, both for open source and private projects, is running on our new build system!

This is good news, as we’ve outlined recently, as this new build system and the way it’s now used is a lot more stable compared to our old one. You can read up on all the details in last week’s blog post.

After we did a test run on we switched over all build machines and eventually upgraded as well, along with a much-needed upgrade to the build environment. This change was deployed this morning and should decrease the number of stalled builds or spurious timeouts.

If you’ve been plagued by those, we’re sorry! Things should be running a lot better now.

We’ve been ironing out some bugs since then, and we’re still working on fixing any remaining glitches. So if you find something that’s odd or suddenly different, please shoot us an email!

We have more awesome things in the works to improve the build environment. Stay tuned for the next announcement!