Improving Build Visibility with Log Folds

The log output is an integral part of a build, and we’ve done quite a few iterations on how to display it in the best possible way.

The most recent addition, available on for a while already, and now fully rolled out on, brings a few noteworthy improvements to make it easier to pin-point problems with the build.

There’s a bigger story at play here about the logs in general, but we’ll focus on the new log viewer for now.

To start with, we made the contrast a bit easier to read, with a darker background.

More noteworthy though, we added more prominent folds, that hide common commands whose output usually isn’t relevant to the overall build, unless they fail.

We fold all commands other than the ones specified in the script section of your .travis.yml.

To make the build phase more visible in the output, they’re also nicely labeled on the righthand side.

If a folded command fails, returning a non-zero exit code, we don’t fold the section so you can immediately investigate what the problem was.