Staff Picks

There’s a lot of great content out there on the topic of testing, and we’d like to present some of our favorites.

From 15 hours to 15 seconds: reducing a crushing build time

A great story from the Songkick engineering team about how they cut down their testing time significantly by refocusing on what they test, and how their entire application is architected.

Using postgression on Travis CI

Dan Peterson from Heroku wrote a great article on how to use postgression, a service to get a PostgreSQL 9.2 testing instance on demand via an API, with Travis CI.

Postgression is a great service built on top of Heroku Postgres that gives you a clean Postgres instance for testing on demand.

If your project depends on PostgreSQL 9.2 in particular, this will come in handy!

Android Builds on Travis CI with Maven

The fine folks at Crowd Interactive wrote about how to setup Android projects with Maven on Travis CI.