Staff Picks (and a little Birthday treat)

A fresh list of things to read for you, relevant to the general interests around continuous integration and application architecture, and a special birthday treat to boot!

Micro Service Architecture

A great post on breaking up your application into physically and logically separated services and the challenges and questions that come along with it.

Continuous Delivery

Martin Fowler gives a short overview of the principles and ideas of continuous delivery, which is more than just having an automated way of deploying to production (which we just so happened to launch yesterday). Continuous delivery is a matter of company culture. Make sure to look at Jez Humble’s book on the topic too.

Using Travis CI for Racket Projects

Greg Hendershott wrote up a great guide on using Travis CI for projects written in Racket, a Lisp dialect.

My birthday treat to you!

It’s my birthday today, and I have a little birthday treat for you. The first 10 people to email get a sweet discount for Travis CI for private repositories. The discount is only valid for new customers and only valid until the end of the week. Hurry!