More Deployment Goodness: Announcing OpenShift Support!

Remember a little while back when we introduced support for deploying to Heroku and Nodejitsu?

We thought “why stop there”!

We are excited to announce that you can now deploy to OpenShift from your Travis builds!

To set up continuous deployment to Openshift, add the following lines to your .travis.yml:

  provider: openshift
  password: "YOUR-PASSWORD" # encrypted, of course
  app: "YOUR-APP-NAME" # optional if it's the same as your repo name

Or, if your have our command line tool installed, use the new setup command:

$ travis setup openshift

That’s it!

To provide the best service possible, Travis CI has teamed up with OpenShift as a partner and there is an official Travis CI QuickStart to get you going.

This feature is immediately available to all our users including our Travis Pro customers.

For more information, see the documentation.

Your provider still missing?

If your cloud provider isn’t supported by Travis CI, please let us know.

Or, if you’re so inclined, add support yourself and send us a pull request.