Deploy to the Engine Yard Cloud from Travis CI!

Today we’re happy to announce continuous deployment support for the Engine Yard Cloud!

Engine Yard has been an incredible supporter of Travis CI, and we’re very grateful to count them amongst our customers. We’re very excited that you can now deploy your code from Travis CI to their cloud platform.

Getting started is easy. Sign up for an account with Engine Yard, if you haven’t already, your first 500 hours are free!

Once your project is set up, configure the application in your .travis.yml:

  provider: engineyard
  api_key: <key>

We recommend encrypting the key in your .travis.yml.

Alternatively, you can use username and password:

  provider: engineyard
  username: roidrage
  password: kittens!

You can customize the environment to deploy to if you happen to have your app deployed to multiple environments:

  provider: engineyard
  environment: kittens_production

For the all the gory details on the available options, check out our documentation.

Deploying to the Engine Yard Cloud is available for open source and private repositories today!

Happy shipping!