New UI Improvements on Travis CI

For the past few weeks we’ve been working on updating our UI. All this work is part of a future plan for big and exciting changes to make Travis CI even better to use!

New Travis UI


Travis CI provides you with a lot of information for your projects and with that comes a lot of visual clutter. Our goal while cleaning up the UI is to minimize the amount of elements that could distract you from finding what you need to find. Here are some changes you might have missed upon first glance.

The Details

New typeface, Source Sans Pro! This typeface was chosen because of it’s large x-height making it readable in both large and small sizes. With all the data we give you, we want to make sure we’re maximizing space and that sometimes means smaller type sizes. With a larger x-height we’ve increased legibility across the board.

Increased spacing between cells and columns. We know looking at Travis CI with multiple repositories can be overwhelming at times. Giving everything some good old fashioned leg room was in order. Now your eyes can focus on data with ease.

Flatter UI. Travis CI is data driven and we wanted to make sure we cleaned up your screen with the least about of distractions. That said we’ve done away with gradients and shadows and replaced them with a flat UI leaving you with nothing but the data you need.

New color palette. Travis CI not only wants to keep up with the times and stay freshy-fresh but the new color palette also serves a purpose. We’ve replaced the dark, heavy top bar with a lighter charcoal one to help balance the overall UI. Additionally, we’ve taken out all the black text and softened it with grey and blue to tie in more with our new Travis CI brand palette.

These are just some of the little things we’ve done that make a big impact towards making your Travis CI experience better. We’re really looking forward to continuing to improve our UI in the months to come and we encourage any and all feedback!

Have a great week,

The Travis CI Team