Travis Foundation Launches Open Source Grants with Paymill and RVM

Today we’re launching the Travis Foundation, an initiative to improve and foster Open Source!

Non-profit support for Open Source

Travis Foundation is an institution aiming to foster the Open Source community: We’ll help fund hand-picked projects, work towards more diversity and support amazing initiatives!

We want it to become an institution that promotes and encourages changes in the community, connects people and ideas.

Travis CI has always been very much rooted in Open Source. Working with the community to build a service for the community has been one wild love and success story. Since Travis CI now is an established, solid service, it is time to give back even more.

Our first project

After coordinating and managing Rails Girls Summer of Code - which was our unofficial first project we took on - we are now focussing on organizing Open Source Grants. This means we help set up funding for hand-picked Open Source projects. Either if it’s a new project or an established one that needs help being continued - we want to support progress and amazing ideas!

The first project we took on for our Open Source Grants is RVM. We are happy to announce that we’ve secured funding for RVM for the next two months! This means that the current Maintainer Michal Papis can work fulltime on bootstrapping RVM 2.0 until mid January. This is made possible by the great people of

who are supporting and sponsoring this project, which we are truly grateful for! The journey will start today and we are looking forward to see this wonderful project start off.

How you can get involved

Travis Foundation is a non-profit initiative that wants to help make our community an even better place. Since we have lots of ideas and even bigger plans, we are always looking for people to help us on that journey. So if you want to get on board please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again to PAYMILL for being our launch partner and supporting us and our mission from the first minute. There are some really great things ahead and it’s time to raise our glasses (or tea pots/ coffee mugs/ Club-Mate bottles for that matter):

To the Travis Foundation and a great journey ahead!


Visit the Travis Foundation site and read on about our goals, projects, and how to contribute.