Thank You to the Services that make Travis CI Possible

Travis CI is a hosted services, but also relies on other hosted services to be up and running.

It’s thanks to these services that we can focus on shipping, sleep at night, be notified when things are broken and get good insight as to what our code is doing in production

A big thank you from all of us at Travis CI!

Heroku for providing us with an environment that allows us to focus on code, removing the burden of shipping fast, for storing our data, and for having so many awesome people that we can rely on when things are broken.

Blue Box for managing our infrastructure, which is currently running 65.000 tests per day.

Pusher for streaming those log messages to your browser, so many of them.

Stripe for processing our payments and for being such big supporters of Travis CI.

Papertrail for storing our logs, lots and lots of logs, allowing us to trace the events in our system. Also, Eric Lindvall for being awesome.

Librato Metrics for collecting our precious metrics, giving us insight into what’s happening on and in Travis CI.

DNSimple for making sure and are there for you.

OpsGenie for letting us know when something is broken.

StatusPage for giving us a nice and easy way to communicate with our customers when our site is down.

HelpScout for helping us help our customers.

Hosted Chef for letting us easily automate the few bits of Travis CI that run on dedicated infrastructure.

Sentry for patiently catching all of the runtime errors in production.

CloudAMQP for letting the orange rabbit roar and letting us push hundreds of build log messages per second.

Mandrill for notifying you when your builds are broken or fixed (yay!).

Swiftype for making our documentation easily searchable.

Last but not least, GitHub, without who we wouldn’t exist.

But most importantly, thank you (yes, that’s you!) for being awesome, giving us great feedback and help push Travis CI forward!

Thank you all for helping us build, maintain and operate Travis CI!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Travis CI!