Blue Box Powers Travis CI's Next Generation Infrastructure

We have some great news for you today: Last weekend we finally switched all builds on to our new build infrastructure. This setup not only gives you more processing power (1.5 cores per build) and twice as much memory (3 GB), it runs in container-virtualized hardware and directly off SSDs. It’s also a 64bit platform with the option of supporting 32bit environments as well!

All this has been made possible by our amazing partner, Blue Box, who have provided us with a customized private cloud setup, tailored specifically for our needs as a hosted continuous integration platform.

This new platform allows us to do many things a lot better than with our previous, manually managed VirtualBox setup. We can easily add more capacity as we grow (and boy, we’ve grown a lot over the last months!), and we can provision updates to our build environments a lot faster than before, allowing us to provision new language releases, framework updates and service additions much quicker than before.

We’re pretty psyched about this new partnership, it’s great news for the open source community as we can follow the build demand a lot better than before and update the build environment much faster too. We can also leave the infrastructure management parts in the amazing hands of the Blue Box team and focus on shipping new features.

You should give Blue Box a nice high five next time you meet someone from their awesome team. They’re amazing folks to work with, and we’re looking forward to working closely with them to push Travis CI forward!

We’re in the process of rolling this out for our customers on as well, stay tuned!

Make sure to read the official press release too!

Thanks Blue Box, you’re awesome!