Apps, Clients and Tools

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We love the Travis CI community.

Over the last few years you have created a wide range of applications, tools, plugins and libraries to make working with Travis CI a breeze.

To share this joy with as many people as possible, we’ve added an Apps, Clients and Tools page to our official documentation.

Your tool is missing?

Did we miss your tool in the list? Our documentation is open source, why not send us a pull request? Or get in touch.

Inspired to build something?

When we see a new tool for Travis CI

The tools don’t provide exactly what you need? You want to build something yourself? We recently rewrote our API documentation to make it even easier for you to get started. We are very excited to see what you come up with! The page also includes a list of libraries in different programming languages.

We strive to constantly improve your CI experiences and all these tools you’ve built are a massive inspiration for us. Thank you!