Upcoming Build Environment Updates

New build environments updates are coming.

It has been a while since our last build environment update in late April, and we thought it was a good time for the next set of updates.

Second update to rollout schedule

The update to travis-ci.com has been postponed to 06:00 UTC on the 5th of August.

Updated rollout schedule

We are pushing back the .org update by one day to 08:00 UTC on the 30th of July. The update for travis-ci.com will be carried out on the 31st as planned. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update schedule

The updates will be rolled out to travis-ci.org at 08:00 UTC on the 29th of July and to travis-ci.com at 06:00 UTC on the 31st of July.

Build Environment Updates

All build environments will be receiving some fantastic updates.

For all environments, Go 1.3 is now the default.

MySQL is upgraded from 5.5.35 to 5.5.37. With this upgrade provided by Ubuntu, MySQL no longer has a database named test (see change log). If your test relies on this database, you need to create one. For example:

  - mysql -e "create database IF NOT EXISTS test;" -u root

Android VM

We’ve introduced Android support back in May, and you have been busy testing it out. Google has since released a new SDK, and it is now time for us to catch up.

This update includes SDK 23 support and other component updates.

Erlang VM

Erlang 17.1 is now available.


Version 1.2.2 is also preinstalled.

Node.js VM

Default is now version 0.10.29.

Perl VM

Version updates include:

  • 5.20.0 and 5.21.0 have been added.
  • Older development versions 5.17 and 5.19 have been removed.
  • 5.18.2 and 5.20.0 are now also provided with the -Duseshrplib compile option under the names 5.18-shrplib and 5.20-shrplib, respectively.


Version updates include:

  • 5.6.0rc2
  • 5.5.14
  • 5.4.30
  • HHVM 3.2.0

We also added LDAP support.

Python VM

Following updates are included:

  • Python 2.7.8
  • Python 3.4.1
  • PyPy3
  • PyPy 2.3.1

Ruby VM


We have added the following pre-installed Rubies:

  • MRI 1.9.3-p547
  • MRI 2.1.2


We have updated JRuby to the latest release

  • JRuby 1.7.13


  • Rubinius 2.2.10

Services Updates

In addition, the following updates are available on all VMs:

  • CouchDB update to latest stable (1.5)
  • Cassandra 2.0.9
  • Sphinx version updates (2.0.10, 2.1.8, 2.2.2-beta; 2.1.8 is default)