Caching (all the things) on the Mac platform

Back in December last year, we announced dependency caching for private repositories. Until now this feature has only been available to builds running on our Linux platform. Today we are enabling this feature for builds on the Mac platform too (only for private repositories at this time).

You can cache gems installed with Bundler in the same way you would on

You can use Bundler caching just like you would for a build on the Linux platform:

cache: bundler

In addition to Bundler caching and directory caching, we also shipped built-in support for CocoaPods caching. To start using it, add this to your .travis.yml:

cache: cocoapods

Check out the documentation for more information, for example how to add caching for repositories where the Podfile is not in the root of the repository, or how to use both Bundler and CocoaPods caching.

Caches for Mac and Linux builds are stored in different data centers to optimize the download and upload speeds. This means that the caches are not shared between Mac and Linux builds.