Deploy from Travis CI to AWS CodeDeploy

Today Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a new service to automate the process of deploying and updating applications on their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). It’s called AWS CodeDeploy, and it follows similar and simple means of getting your code to production as Travis CI.

We’re happy to fully support deploying your applications to AWS CodeDeploy after a successful build.

What makes AWS CodeDeploy unique?

Just like with your builds on Travis CI, your production runtime configuration is part of your source code repository, stored in an AppSpec file.

Steps to deploy an application to production and to set up the servers can be specified in scripts that are part of your source code repository.

On top of that, AWS CodeDeploy lets you roll out applications gradually, on a subset of servers at a time, and rapidly release new features, ensuring full availability of your site while the deployment is rolling out.

It offers a few different strategies to roll out an application on only half of your server fleet at any one time, or even just one by one.

Make sure to check out the AWS CodeDeploy site and documentation to get a full glimpse on what it can do.

How can I deploy to AWS CodeDeploy from Travis CI?

Integration with Travis CI follows the well-known schema of deploying your applications right after a build. Simply add a configuration section to your .travis.yml to start deploying:

  provider: codedeploy
  access_key_id: AKIA.....
    secure: ...
  bucket: 'my-deployment-bucket'
  deployment-group: 'my-deployment-group'
  instance-group: 'my-instance-group'

For the full details, check our documentation on deployment using AWS CodeDeploy.

Happy shipping!