Brand Stand

From time to time we get requests from you wonderful Travis CI users for brand assets to use. Sometimes you are talking about how you use Travis CI at a conference and want our mascot. Sometimes you just want to show love on your site that you test on Travis CI. There are a couple times you’re just asking when it’s appropriate to use our logo and when it’s not. Well, to save you some extra time (because we know you design your slides at the last possible second) we’ve added a Logo and Brand Usage page to our site!

Actually, this page is a long time coming. Since I started at Travis CI last September I’ve not only made changes to the UI, which you’ve probably noticed, but I’ve also redefined some parts of our brand language. You probably won’t need to know that we use Source Sans Pro as our typeface or that our shade of mustache red is PMS 7599 C but we thought we’d throw that in there just in case you were curious.

All this was just for you! But please have a quick read on our brand Do’s and Don’ts! For example: please DO bake me some vegan cookies in the shape of the mascot! Totally worth the tax to ship to Germany! And please DON’T use the logo in artwork for profit.

If you have any further questions, or have something you’d like to see on that page that isn’t currently available, feel free to holler at us!