Build Header, all grown up!

Earlier this year we launched a different build header to our user interface. It allowed us to better visualize all the awesome information we gather on what happened with your build, when and who authored it. We were glad you found it as useful as we did but we still felt the build header had room to grow. Now may we introduce you to the new build header, all grown up!

The build header has now phased from it’s angsty teenage years onto adulthood, with button down shirts and combed hair. We’ve tidied up the layout and given you more visual information with the same great tools you had before. You’ll still be able to restart your build and download your logs but now those tools are easier to find.

Previously they were a little hidden in the back of the classroom, but now they’re right up front and center. Using Code Climate? If so, that tool sits right along side them. In a little while we’re going to be releasing even another super awesome tool to hang out with these guys, but shhh, you didn’t hear that from me! Just stay tuned for that!

We really want to give you as much information as easily as possible. So that’s why we added an icon to let you know if your build was the result of a push or a pull request.

With tidiness and ease of finding information we restructured how we presented the build header information and broke it up a bit better. On the left your branch and commit message are now highlighted in blue at the top followed by your commit notes and finally at the bottom the author. We even have a new default avatar for those without a gravatar image!

On the right you’ll see the status of your build (we sure hope it’s green!), the duration, how long ago the build finished, the git commit link and the comparing link.

These changes are part of a greater vision we at Travis CI have to deliver you your data as efficiently and cleanly as possible. We’re looking forward to your feedback on these changes, after all our user feedback is the most valuable thing in the world. More valuable that diamonds! Just kidding, but it’s pretty awesome! So please, send us a tweet, an email or shoot us a comment below and let us know how you feel!