A pudding loving Dan Buch joins the Travis CI Team

We are very pleased to shout from the roof tops that Dan Buch, an avid Travis CI open source contributor, pudding lover, and connoisseur of hats made from meat, has joined the Travis CI team!

Dan hails from Pittsburgh, the city of a hundred bridges and the Primanti Bros, a sandwich filled with so much awesome, including a weeks daily pastrami intake.

In such a short amount of time he has already had a huge impact on everything Travis CI, especially with helping us make our infrastructure awesome, all with the power of chatops!

In fact, Dans awesomeness transcends the augmented scaling power of the synergized cloud, that is why we are even more excited to announce that he will be our infrastructure lead!

If you are around the Pittsburgh area, please give Dan a hug and High 5, otherwise send him a tweet or ten :)

Welcome to the team Dan!