Lisa joins the Travis CI Team

The thrill of announcements doesn’t stop today!

We’re excited to announce to the world that Lisa Passing has joined our team and is going to help us to create a better user experience. She’s already been busy revamping our CSS and reworking our frontend (spoiler, great stuff coming soon!).

Outside of learning new JavaScript frameworks, she enjoys sleeping, which she can do pretty much anywhere, whether it be a bus, on a plane, a boat, or our office couch.

She’s played every game in the Final Fantasy series except for 11 and once had a four hour argument with a friend on why the original Alien movie is better than the sequels. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Completely unrelated to this, Lisa was once dared to drink an entire liter of milk, which she did. If this reminds you of Joey on Friends, that’s because Lisa was his inspiration.

Welcome, Lisa!