Travis CI supports Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015

Rails Girls Summer of Code has opened their fundraising campaign for 2015.

Please join us in helping them support 20 sponsored students have an amazing summer, working on great Open Source projects.

Rails Girls Summer of Code(

For those who may not know, Rails Girls Summer of Code is a program that funds and supports women around the world to work full-time for three months on Open Source projects. Participants speak at conferences, attend developer events, and get in touch with the wider Open Source community.

From Chicago to Cruj, Bangalore to Berlin, in the last two years 65 students from 15 countries, 72 coaches, 27 open source projects, 52 sponsoring companies, and 451 individual donors have come together to make the Rails Girls Summer of Code happen. Some of the participating projects include Rails, Sinatra, Rubinius, Bundler, Ruby Documentation, RailsAdmin, Lotus, and Ruby Object Mapper.

Also, Rails Girls Summer of Code works: over 90% of their alumni are now working in a technology-related position, most of them as developers.

We think this is amazing work from an amazing community!

Travis Foundation, along with GitHub, are partnering up to help make Rails Girls Summer of Code happen again this year.

Everyone who knows us well knows it’s a project close to our hearts - not just for the significant contributions being made to software used by millions of people, or the life-transforming experiences had by the women who take part, but also for the role models these participants become. This way Rails Girls Summer of Code also functions as a long term learning goal for Rails Girls students worldwide.

While we’re extremely proud to support RGSoC, we know the program would not be possible without the generous support of other sponsors and private donors from this amazing community.

Please consider taking a few minutes to make a personal donation towards the campaign, and convince your company to chip in with a sponsorship!

“I have a selfish reason for supporting Rails Girls Summer of Code: my 2-year-old daughter Erika. She loves lightsaber fights and sparkly shoes, and I want the software industry to be a great place for her to work by the time she’s old enough, if that’s what she chooses.” – Mark Madsen, Founder, AGiLE ANiMAL

Please find the RGSoC fundraising campaign here and more information about sponsor’s packages here.