Aly joins the Travis CI Team

We’re super excited to announce that Aly has joined the Travis team!

Aly joins us as the second member of the “Pittsburgh office”. She resisted the pull of the tech world for years, choosing the path of the language nerd which led to her graduate work in Speech Pathology.

Years of MMO guild management and many more of tinkering (aka breaking) websites left her little choice but to dive into the depths of software development, but she still manages to flex her language skills in our team chat.

Additional fun Aly numbers include:

  • 1 spoiled cat
  • 2 spoiled guinea pigs
  • 1 amazing Oracle DBA (who doubles as a spouse)
  • 7 years old at start of photography career
  • 8000 is less than her desire for multi-glot status

Important travel tip: Do not occupy the full width of an airport escalator or conveyer with your luggage when Aly is behind you, unless you want to experience some Twitter wrath.

Catch Aly in our IRC channel and on Twitter as @sinthetix or take your chances with her guild management skills on ESO, Guild Wars 2, or Steam.