Just Duke It!

We’re super excited to announce the newest member of our Travis CI family, Jenifer Duke! Jen, or Duke as she’s usually called, has joined the team as our Chief Happiness Officer. She’ll be helping out with all kinds of awesomeness from planning our team off-sites to making sure the office is a well oiled machine.

Team Happiness is a role Duke learned she fit into naturally. After working as a secretary for the Georgia House of Representatives, she realized being organized and helping people has always floated her boat. In her new role with Travis CI she’ll help to create streamlined procedures that allow everyone to focus on their goals while maintaining our awesome culture.

The electric vibes and excitement that draws so many of us ex-pats to Berlin didn’t miss Duke’s heartbeats either. She has started a new chapter in her life, leaving most things behind in San Francisco and moving here to Berlin! Despite our frigid temperatures and icy sidewalks that accompany them, Duke has loved this city since her first visit at the end of 2012. Lucky for her, spring is just around the corner!

No better city to experience spring and summer than Berlin! As much as we’d love to have her 24/7, when Duke’s not being super-awesome in our office she’ll be out experiencing the world and all it has to offer… her stomach. Duke loves all things involving travel and food. You can follow along her adventures on Instagram and Exposure.

The whole Travis CI team couldn’t be happier to have her on board and we hope you’ll drop her a warm welcome too!