Xcode 6.4 Is Now Available

We already announced this on our Twitter last week, just a few hours after Xcode 6.4 was officially released, but it’s definitely worth a full mention.

As of last Tuesday, June 30th, you can run your builds on Xcode 6.4 and therefore utilize iOS SDK 8.4.

Just like with Xcode 6.3, we made this rollout fully opt-in, so you can select the version in your .travis.yml:

osx_image: xcode6.4

The better rollout of new Xcode versions and being able to support multiple versions alongside each other is a feature made possible by the recent revamp of our Mac cloud infrastructure.

Longer Build Times for our Customers

We just completed a move of our Mac infrastructure to VMware vSphere 6.0, bringing more stability to our platform.

Along with that move, we rolled out an update that brings our Mac build times on par with Linux builds, extending their maximum runtime to 120 minutes.

What about Xcode 7.0?

We’ve started testing an update that also allows using the Xcode 7.0 betas, and we’ll have something ready for you to test with very soon!

As always, if you have any problems or questions, get in touch.

Happy testing!