Emma joins the Travis CI Team

We are ecstatic to announce that Emma Trimble has joined the Travis CI team!

Emma hails from Pennsylvania, and is now part of our growing “Pittsburgh office” (it’s like Berlin but with more rust)! She is proud to be a nerd, and has been using Linux since receiving her first computer. She has a degree in Information Science and a few years experience doing ops and sysadmin work as well as a number more tinkering on her own.

When she’s not at a computer or a tech meetup group, Emma can also be found rock climbing, or playing board games with her fellow nerds. She is also a big fan of video games, and the occasional anime series. And, of course, while doing any of the aforementioned, she will almost certainly be listening to music.

So let’s have a warm welcome for Emma, on Twitter as @emdantrim! And for those of you heading to DevOps Days Pittsburgh, come say hi! She’ll be there along with some more of our North America team and a few special guests coming in from Berlin!