María is now part of Travis CI's team

With María now on board at Travis CI, we gain not only a new and awesome team member but a newly represented country in our remote workforce!

María is joining us from Madrid, Spain, as a member of our customer support team! Helping people comes naturally to her. She has helped set up assisted communication technologies for people who have difficulty speaking and communicating; she also volunteers in the Spanish ASL open-association with and!

When she finds the time to do things for herself, María enjoys film photography and roller skating. Cooking is also a hobby of hers, as she’s mastering delicious crêpes and brownies. Up for a challenge, she has also taught herself a bit of Android development by creating a couple of Android apps.

Help us in wishing María a warm “Bienvenido”, on Twitter as @amalulla! And, should you run into María in one of our support channels, be sure to give her a high five!