Announcing an All New Branches View

Good news everyone: We shipped our new branches page yesterday!

You can take a look at the branches page of diaspora*, or more generic at{org}/#{repo}/branches. We’ve only just rolled it out for open source repositories and are in the process of identifying and fixing bugs. If you find a bug, please report it in our issue tracker.

But what does the new branches page hold for you?

Screenshot branches page

First of all, we’re now sorting branches in three categories. The default branch of your repository makes up the first category on top. It it followed by active branches, ie branches that exist on GitHub. The last category are branches that do not exist on GitHub anymore.

Furthermore we’re now including an overview of the last 5 builds that ran on the respective branch, with more detailed information about the very last build.

But don’t worry, we have more things planned in the future!

Aside from that you might also have noticed that there are some visual changes to branches that are not quite in line with the rest of Travis CI. This is because we’re working on a cleaner interface and will update more parts of the UI and other Travis pages in the coming weeks (hint hint Travis CI Enterprise).

So, lots of exciting things coming up! Stay tuned!

Steven excited