Improved Repositories Sidebar

Update: Unfortunately we needed to rollback these changes, because of the performance problems they caused. We’re working on optimizing things so we can get it back. Sorry!

We made changes to our left sidebar we think you are going to like.

The left sidebar on Travis CI’s web client contains a list of repositories along with the information about the last build for each of the repositories. We would like that info to show the status of a repository, a quick way to see if a repository is in a broken state. Before today’s changes, however, it was not really working the way most users expected it to.

Previously a last build was defined as a most recent build created for a repository, regardless the branch. It meant, among the other things, that if you push a broken commit to your feature branch, repository’s color on the sidebar will change to red, despite the fact that during development not everyone in the team cares if such a development branch is broken.

Starting today a last build info on the sidebar will only show a last build on a default branch. That way you can break your development branches all you want without making the team concerned about the repository status. Enjoy!