Xcode 7.2 is ready!

Hey there everybody, I’ve finished putting together our build image for the Xcode 7.2 GM!

Be sure to check out our summary of supported Xcode versions for quick reference on the Xcode and OS X versions we have available.

Using the updated versions

Simply add the following to your travis.yml to use the Xcode 7.2 image:

osx_image: xcode7.2

Details on the new images

See below for more details on what’s on the image.

  • OS X is 10.11.1
  • fastlane is 1.47.0
  • CocoaPods is 0.39.0
  • RubyMotion is 4.5
  • xcpretty is 0.2.1
  • xctool is 0.2.7

More details are available on the Xcode 7.2 image.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the new images, please email support@travis-ci.com.

Happy building!