Xcode 7.3 Beta is launched!

Happy New Year, developers! ✨

A new year calls for a fresh start, and new OS X images! As such, I’ve finished putting together our build image for the Xcode 7.3 Beta!

Be sure to check out our summary of supported Xcode versions for quick reference on the Xcode and OS X versions we have available.

Simply add the following to your travis.yml to use the Xcode 7.3 image

osx_image: xcode7.3

Please note that this is a bit different from our previous beta releases. We’re now rolling out beta images with the Xcode minor version, like the GM releases – the tag will automatically update when we come out with a new Xcode beta image, so you’ll always get the latest version of the beta. If you need to be limited to a specific version of Xcode, please contact support.

Details on the new images

See below for more details on what’s on the image.

  • OS X is 10.11.3
  • Carthage is 0.11.0
  • CocoaPods is 0.39.0
  • fastlane is 1.51.0
  • RubyMotion is 4.8
  • xcpretty is 0.2.2
  • xctool is 0.2.7

More details are available on the Xcode 7.3 image.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the new images, please email support@travis-ci.com.

Happy New Year, and happy building!