Travis CI's Charitable Giving in 2015

At Travis CI, we consider giving back to the communities around us an important part of our existence as a business. It’s part of building and running an ethical business and we also think it’s worth being open about what and who we support in the hope of more companies following suit in supporting communities around them and being open about it.

I wrote about our charitable giving in 2014 and here’s the 2015 edition. We run an annual donation program, where each Builder can pick a charity of their choice, and we donate on their behalf. One of our goals in 2014 was to increase our charitable giving, which we succeeded at thanks to our revenue growth.

For 2015 we’ve split a total of 15,500 EUR between the following charities:

I’m very proud of the different causes our team is supporting and how much this represents the diversity in our team.

Beyond that, we’ve also supported communities involved in bringing more people from diverse backgrounds into software development.

We supported Rails Girls Summer of Code by giving 10,500 EUR to the Travis Foundation to support its effort of running the Summer of Code program.

We also donated another 15,000 to the Travis Foundation to help in its efforts to increase diversity in open source overall. If you’re looking for a great cause to support and help more people get into open source, I encourage you to consider the Travis Foundation

Lastly, at the beginning of this year, we joined Ruby Together to support them in providing infrastructure and tooling to the Ruby community. Over the past five years of our existence, Travis CI has been relying on and benefitting greatly from both Bundler and and we’re thrilled that we’re now supporting them officially.

That brings the total of what we’ve donated to charities, organizations, and non-profits in our community for 2015 to close to 50,000 EUR.

Beyond our charitable giving, we’ve also continued to sponsor diversity tickets for several conferences, among them JSConf Budapest, .concat(), Eurucamp, &yetConf, Strange Loop, and CodeConf. In total we sponsored close to $7,500 worth of diversity tickets in 2015.

Here’s to increasing our charitable giving in 2016!