An update on our legacy build migration

We are happy to report that after several months of working closely with Google Cloud Platform support and a solutions architect, we were able to evolve our architecture and usage of GCE to the point where we were able to add a substantial new amount of capacity to the sudo: enabled builds running on GCE. In a future post we’ll provide more insight into the challenges we ran into and how we were able to move past them.

We want to take a moment to apologize for for the long delays in an update on our migration for parts of our build infrastructure and the build delays that occured from early January until early March. Improving our transparency during major changes is something we acknowledge we can make some more improvements on and something we’re working towards.


Starting next week, April 11th, we’ll begin the process to finish migrating the rest of the legacy workload onto GCE, which is primarily a portion of our Precise builds for users. This migration will proceed approximately as outlined below:


Date Action
04.12.2016 We’ll begin sending builds to GCE that use one of the following keys in the .travis.yml file: sudo: required by itself, sudo: required + dist: precise, or sudo: required + group: legacy
04.14.2016 We’ll begin sending all Linux builds that end up using our default routing rules to GCE.
TBD We’ll migrating the folks who are using Precise + MySQL 5.6 via group: dev.

A special note for folks using MySQL 5.6 on Precise

If you’re one of the few folks using group: dev on our Legacy Precise infrastructure, to get an image with MySQL 5.6 pre-installed, we are still determining the best route to migrate you, as those images aren’t easily reproducible in their current state. We hope to have an update early next week and will be reaching out to all of you individually with more details.


If you have any questions about this, please email