Welcome Carmen!

Carmen hails from Northern New Mexico (¡Que Viva!) and now lives in Rochester, NY. She is active in the #golang and #devopsdays communities, and leads the NYC chapters of @WomenWhoGo and @LadiesWhoLinux.

installed these 3 from source...each took 9 months!

She’s also in the permanent on-call rotation for #MomOps, where she tests in production daily and still manages to get all builds to pass. (in ParentOps, chrooting the children is not an option!)

She’s watched every single cartoon from the 80s at least twice, and can name the tune of any 90s hip-hop or 80s thrash metal song in 5 notes or less.

To date, noone has ever defeated her in a spicy pepper eating challenge. 😉

Welcome Carmen!