All Hail our Rails Girls Summer of Code Heroes!

We’re super happy to share the news that Rails Girls Summer of Code was presented with a Ruby Hero award at this year’s Rails Conf!

RGSoC receives Ruby Hero Award 2016 from Rails Girls Summer of Code on Vimeo.

This is great recognition for the hard work of everyone involved with RGSoC. Anika Lindtner, Laura Gaetano, and Sara Regan are part of the organizers team that has run the program since the start in 2013. Along with over 100 people they make the program happen every year: coaches, mentors, supervisors, programmers, organizers, and many others are working tirelessly to make the program a reality.

We’re so happy this important work has been recognized by the Ruby community and feel incredibly humbled and proud of everyone who contributed. Well deserved!

Travis CI has supported the efforts of creating, running, and growing this program from day one. Thank you, Anika, Laura, Sara, and everyone else involved for your amazing work and for letting us be part of all this, and…


…for a well deserved Ruby Hero Award 2016!

RGSoc Organizers

For those who are unfamiliar with the program, here’s some background:

A long term learning goal for newcomers

RGSoC originally grew out of Rails Girls. Rails Girls is a world-wide grassroots movement founded in 2010 in Helsinki. From the outset the concept of low barrier, newcomer-friendly programming workshops for women spread like wildfire, and today hundreds of workshops with thousands of participants have been held worldwide.

Organized in a decentralized fashion, local study groups and follow-up meetups often form independently after these Rails Girls workshops. These provide additional opportunities for participants to continue learning and to start exploring more, such as enrolling in bootcamp programs and attending more workshops.

Due to this huge success, the Rails Girls project received a Ruby Hero award in 2013. It was the first time a project (as opposed to an individual) was awarded.

Starting in 2013 in Berlin, Rails Girls Summer of Code grew out of the Rails Girls movement into an entirely separate program. RGSoC is governed by Travis Foundation (, supported by a worldwide community of organizers, mentors, supervisors, and programmers, and funded by a large variety of high-profile companies and generous individuals.

Originally modeled after Google Summer of Code (also a major sponsor of RGSoC from day one), Rails Girls Summer of Code quickly formed its own structures and matured into a successful program of its own. Its main goal is to provide role models and success stories for newcomers to look up to, and long-term learning goals and motivation for beginners to continue learning.

The program centers around teams of two students, an on-site volunteer coach, and an Open Source project. Several very high-profile projects have participated over the years, such as Rails, Ruby core, Rubinius, Bundler, Sinatra, and many more.

Summers full of fun, code, and success

In 2015 Rails Girls Summer of Code had 40 students from 17 countries working on 19 different Open Source Projects. Supported by their coaches, mentors, and supervisors, over 140 people in total participated in the 3 month program.

In 2014 a survey of previous participants showed that over 90% were now employed in a technical position in the industry, most as full-time developers.

Each year’s funding is raised via a combined sponsorship and crowd funding campaign.

This year’s fundraising campaign is still open: Join us in supporting this program!

We are super proud of Rails Girls Summer of Code’s amazing success over the years, and are very much looking forward to another amazing summer!