Container-based Ubuntu Trusty in Public Beta

We are super happy to announce the open public beta of container-based Ubuntu 14.04 “Trusty” job execution, which may be used by ensuring the presence of the following fields in one’s .travis.yml:

sudo: false
dist: trusty

This public beta is available for both public and private repositories.

What’s in there?

The container images used are mastered via the same automation used for fully-virtualized job execution (shout out to Packer woop!). This means that preinstalled software versions should be identical most of the time, with exceptions for when we are rolling out newly-tagged stable images.

One notable difference between container-based and fully virtualized is the presence of docker, for which only client operations are supported in the container-based execution environment.

Permissions considerations

As with the preexisting container-based Ubuntu 12.04 job execution environment, the use of passwordless sudo and setuid executables have been removed for security reasons.

Users who are accustomed to using addons.apt.packages and addons.apt.sources should be prepared to find that some packages have not yet been added to the allowed list for trusty. We are working our way through a backlog of allowed package requests, as well as updating the automation around new package requests in order to account for multiple target Ubuntu versions.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email