Billing Admin Only Security Settings Update

Renée Hendricksen,

Hello Travis CI Customers!

We are excited to announce that we have updated our Billing application security features to allow Customers to restrict who can access their billing information. You can now enable the same organization level security as GitHub. Within your GitHub Organization there are two role types that have access to the billing information for the account, ‘owner’ and ‘billing manager’. Our billing system for Travis CI can now reflect this restriction.

The option to limit billing details to owners and billing managers is available only to owners and billing managers under the organization’s tab on our billing page. As seen here:

Admin Only Toggle on Billing Page

The default for this option is ‘open’. Therefore, if you take no action, our current billing access rules will remain in effect for your Organization. Currently, anyone with admin access to at least one repository belonging to the Organization in GitHub has access to the billing information in Travis CI.

People who are not Organization owners or billing managers, will see this information by default when they login to billing :

Admin Only Toggle on Billing Page

When this security restriction is enabled, anyone who is not an Organization owner or billing manager will see this:

Admin Only Toggle on Billing Page

If you have any questions on this change please email

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