Travis CI Enterprise 2.1 now available

Today we’re pleased to announce the latest release of Travis CI Enterprise, our on-premises version of Travis CI.

In this release you’ll find many new features, most notably Cron builds.

New Features

Cron builds Sometimes you want a build to happen on a schedule, even if no new changes have happened. Crons have been in our hosted product for sometime and with 2.1 we’re pleased to see them come to Travis CI Enterprise.

Job Config UI With features such as build matrices and build requests, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what configuration a job was run with. You can read more about this feature in the announcement blog post!

Git clones over HTTPS In some environments git+ssh simply won’t cut it and you really want HTTPS everywhere. In these cases we now support having Travis CI Enterprise do all of its clones over HTTPS.

Better, faster, stronger We’ve completely rebuilt key parts of the Travis CI architecture so builds are scheduled faster, GitHubs are sync’d quicker, and all while taking less memory.

Upgrading to 2.1

For our customers on 2.0 releases already, 2.1 will automatically show up as an option in the Management Console when you check for updates.

Those of our customers who are still on our 1.x series should contact our Enterprise team when they are ready to upgrade to our 2.1 release.

Try it out!

If you’re interested in trying out our newest release to see how Travis CI Enterprise works for you get in touch with our Enterprise team and we’ll get you set up with a 45-day trial license. It’s a breeze to set up and you’ll be testing your code in minutes!