The new Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 images are now live!

As we have mentioned previously, our Ubuntu Trusty images just got updated! Here’s what you need to know about this release.

What’s included in this update?

You can check the specific updates of the image your build is using by finding on which “image stack” you build ran on. This information is actually shown in the Worker information fold located at the top of every build log:

The possible values you will find there are: connie, garnet, amethyst, sugilite.

Here are the dpkg diffs of each of these “image stacks”:

Using the previous images

It’s possible that your build won’t succeed right away on these new images. If your builds are running on the sudo enabled environment and need to revert to the previous generation of images, you can add the following YAML snippet in your .travis.yml file:

group: deprecated-2017Q2

We are planning to keep the previous generation of images around until September 1st, 2017.

For the sudo: false images, this workaround is not available.

Need help?

If you encounter any issues with this update and you need help to fix them, please reach out at