Welcome Natalia!

We’re very excited to welcome a new team member to our Design and Platform Development team: please help us welcome Natalia, who is joining us as a designer. Natalia is contributing to our team as our second designer, so we’re particularly excited about her working closely with Justine, our only designer so far (and with everyone else in our team, of course).

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Natalia grew up and lives in Toronto. She’s interested in merging design with social justice and grassroots movements and is a collective member of the Radical Design School – a group made up of designers and artist in Toronto committed to making art and design accessible to all.

Natalia loves typography and has taken on the challenge of trying to know all the fonts. When she’s not working on achieving that, she may spend some time admiring pigeons, which she finds to be very pretty – or she may just focus on exploring more details around the Harry Potter universe with all the magic it holds.

Welcome to Travis CI, Natalia. We’re happy to have you on board!