The new Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 images are coming soon

Fresh updates to sudo-enabled and container-based Trusty will be landing on Wednesday, September 6th. All of the nitty gritty details and scheduling bits are available in the docs.

Hemitragus jemlahicus head

Using the previous images

It’s possible that your build won’t succeed right away on these new images. If your builds are running on the sudo enabled environment and need to revert to the previous generation of images, you can add the following YAML snippet in your .travis.yml file:

group: deprecated-2017Q3

For the sudo: false images, this workaround is not available.

Need help?

If you encounter any issues with this update and you need help to fix them, please reach out at

We will be documenting known issues and their workarounds in GitHub issue travis-ci/travis-ci#8315.