Announcing Default Auto-Cancellation for Open Source Repositories

Back in March, we announced the release of our Auto-Cancellation beta feature, a build management feature allowing you to automatically cancel waiting builds when new build requests come in from GitHub.

We were excited about this at the time as it meant teams using Travis CI would get faster results by only testing the most recent build for a branch or pull request. We received many complaints about backlog in our build environment / infrastructure queue, and felt that the ability to auto cancel outdated builds would go some way to addressing this. Six months later, we’re happy to see the feature has already been helping more than 35,000 repos auto-cancel pushes, and more than 22,000 repos auto-cancel pull requests.

While Auto-Cancellation has been an opt-in feature up until now, today we’re officially activating this feature as default for everyone using Travis CI for Open Source projects. This will ensure our infrastructure is used on the pushes or commits that matter, and help reduce the time-to-build wait for all repositories.

Auto-Cancellation will only cancel if a build is waiting to run, which means that any running builds will finish. The setting is available in your Repository settings page and can be deactivated or activated anytime by clicking a toggle:

Autocancellation Toggle

You can find more details on how Auto-Cancellation works in our documentation.

Happy building!