Welcome to the Travis CI Team, Nick!

Today, we’re very happy to share with you that we have a new Builder in our team: please join us in welcoming Nick Stenning to Travis CI!

Nick is joining us as a team lead for our Build Infrastructure team. He comes from the UK, but since 23 Jun 2016, he would rather be known as a European. He lives in Berlin with his partner and an adorable furry companion called Snoopy, and can often be found walking in the woods and at the lakes of Berlin and Brandenburg. In winter, he retreats to his apartment to cook and make cocktails. Working with us here at Travis CI will be his first job at a company that isn’t a non-profit or a government agency. And if you want to follow him and his adventures, you’ll find him on Twitter as @nickstenning.

Welcome to Travis CI, Nick! We’re happy to have you on board.