Travis CI Enterprise Operations Manual

Over time we have loved the opportunity to help and learn from our amazing Travis CI Enterprise customers. Not only have we seen many different approaches to how you manage your Travis CI Enterprise installation, but also how you troubleshoot problems. An interesting thing we have learned is, that many of you have special documentation in place, for guiding when things go wrong. Usually this documentation is referred to as operations manual.

We have also noticed that some questions or topics come up on a regular basis. Many times, too, the problem and the solution are usually very similar from case to case. To help with this, we have started an “Operations Manual” for the Travis CI Enterprise docs.

“How to make backups” and strategies for the case that “builds don’t start” are two frequently ask questions we’ve heard over time, especially through support. We will enhance our manual with more topics - stay tuned!

If you have feedback for us or you’d like to propose enhancements / changes to it, please get in touch or create a Pull Request in our documentation repository!