We have a brand new Customer Success team!

We’re very happy to announce that a new Customer Success team is now part of Travis CI: please join us in welcoming María José, Kris, Daniel and Bianca!

María José, Kris, Daniel and Bianca are joining as an extension of the support team but will be taking a more proactive role in creating the best possible experience for you.

María José

Born and raised in Chile, María José has been based in Vancouver for close to a decade. She loves the challenge of climbing, the immersion of reading, the joy of sober dancing, and the satisfaction of a perfectly made bed.

From a background in technical support, she comes to the Success team as an Account Manager to build stronger relationships with our customers and help us work together to make Travis CI even better.


Kris loves software, computer hardware, movies, and music. And cats. A lot of cats. His current home is in Canada, though before that he lived back in his native country of Sweden. Kris Has many years of customer service behind him, and is glad to be offering his hand at Travis CI.

Kris is our new Customer Advocate. What’s this mean? He looks at the customer base, the trends and he gathers customer feedback. He tries to make sure that our communication is as good as it can be. This means communicating during outages, rolling out new features, and anything inbetween. You can usually find Kris replying to Twitter posts, or stuffing envelopes full of stickers.


Daniel joined the Success team at Travis back in September. He lives in Boston and enjoys reading, playing guitar, and playing with his three young children. He has family and citizenship in Italy and has spent a lot of time traveling through Europe as well as the Middle East.

Daniel has worked at several software companies over the years mostly supporting sales, partnership, and account management teams. He will be joining Travis as an Account Manager with the sole purpose of helping our customers get the most out of their relationship with Travis CI us and therefore making our customers happy.


For the past years, Bianca has been working on marketing, business development and customer success at startups in Chile, Germany and the US. She is a digital nomad and traveled to more than 30 countries, learning to speak five (human) languages fluently along the way.

Bianca is the first Marketing Builder at Travis CI. She’s excited to work on partnerships, educational projects and conferences. Marketing for her is about learning from and supporting Travis CI users in their work. She loves rewarding the Travis CI community and its amazing contributors with cool merchandise.

We’re happy to have all of you on board and excited to see the progress of our new Customer Success team. Welcome to Travis CI María José, Kris, Daniel and Bianca!