Announcing Our New CEO - Renée Hendricksen

We are excited to announce that Renée Hendricksen has been appointed our new CEO.

In February this year, Mathias Meyer stepped down as our CEO to move on to the next stage of his career. After joining as a founder in 2012, Mathias guided Travis CI since the early days as a bootstrapped startup, to a company of over 50 people, with 5000+ paying customers, 500,000 open source users, all testing over 1 million repositories. An impressive way to revolutionize the continuous integration and deployment industry without any venture capital funding.

We embarked on the process to fill the leadership gap Mathias left. For Travis CI to maintain its dynamic, innovative presence within the industry, and successfully face the business challenges on the horizon, we knew it was important to appoint someone with solid business leadership experience. We also knew that having worked hard to create an inclusive and collaborative company culture, we wanted someone both familiar with this evolution and aligned to its ideals.

Luckily, we had someone ready to take the reins from within Travis CI.

Renée Hendricksen joined Travis CI in 2016 after almost two decades of founding and running tech companies. A computer science graduate, and well-known industry consultant, Renée brought her senior software developer skills to Travis CI at a time when we were rapidly growing our Platform Engineering Team. Renée founded and sold her first web hosting company as a teenager, consulted for the digital solutions and management business of Hitachi Ltd, and operated at board and leadership level for her own and other corporations. We knew Renée was uniquely skilled in building and growing the type of businesses that Travis wants to be. She is a perfect fit for Travis CI’s current leadership needs and we are really excited to announce her appointment as our new CEO. Welcome, Renée!

-Konstantin Haase and Fritz Thielemann
Geschäftsführer/Managing Directors Travis CI GmbH

I am ready to lead Travis CI into its next stage of growth. Rarely have I come across a team with so much ability to innovate, combined with a product that continues to set the standard in modern development practices. The Travis Foundation continues to grow and diversify our development community through their powerful work on Rails Girls Summer of Code and Diversity Tickets, as well as their support of initiatives such as Speakerinnen and Prompt. Their work allows the Travis CI corporation to give back to the community that helped it form. I am excited to help shape the future of both Travis CI ventures.

My enthusiasm for this job comes from my desire to help Travis CI remain innovative and inclusive. I’ve seen this many times in our industry where product founders adopt an organizational strategy that may be good for the product growth but at the expense of their team. I’m glad Travis CI is doing things differently and the founders listened to their team. I want to continue this work and build the tech company that everyone, myself included, wants to work for. With this team, this product, and an industry that is ready for the leader of the next wave of CI/CD technology, we are ready to again reveal the path forward.

-Renée Hendricksen
Travis CI CEO