Welcome, GDPR!

We’re (also!) announcing compliance with European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is goes into effect today, on the 25th of May 2018. ​As a German-based company, we’re glad to see the European Union making updates to the data protection regulations from 1995, since so much has changed in tech over the past twenty years.

Travis CI is GDPR Compliant

In these last several months, we’ve updated our Privacy Policy so it now explains in more detail what information about you we collect, why we collect it, and how we protect it.

The changes include legal updates, but also include explanations about how we cooperate and share data with other services to deliver the Travis CI experience. You can read both the full policy and a summary in the docs.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to update our Terms of Service - they now include both private and open source repositories and our general Data Processing Agreement.

We take your privacy and trust very seriously

We understand that working with services like Travis CI and sharing your private data requires great trust. It’s our responsibility to keep your data safe and give you the confidence to keep using our service. We want to make sure you understand why we collect your data and how it is used. We also want to give you full control over your data on our platform, and make sure you know your rights to update, manage, export and delete it.

This doesn’t require action on your part

Nothing is changing about your current settings or how your information is processed. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to bring more clarity about how this is done. These are the improvements that we have made:

  • Detailed description about how we collect information and why
  • Statement that gives you control over the data you provide us
  • Explanation of how we’re keeping your information safe
  • Appointment of a Data Protection Officer to ensure compliance (required for EU/Germany-based corporations)

Thank you for your trust and for using Travis CI!

Please reach out to us at success@travis-ci.com, to contact our team and our Data Protection Officer with any questions you might have about this. We’re very happy to answer all of your questions.