Build Stages goes GA!

We’re excited to announce Build Stages are generally available in stable release. Build Stages are a flexible way to set-up a CI/CD pipeline, with related jobs grouped together and subsequent stages dependent on the success of prior stages. Alongside Build Stages, we are also rolling out Travis CI Conditions v1 as the default version of Conditions across the Travis CI platform, introducting the option to set custom names for jobs, and opening up our new product discussion forum community.

Using Build Stages

You can start using build stages immediately -the technical docs cover the configuration details. Once Build Stages are setup, your running build will look something like this:

build stages group related jobs together

Builds can have multiple stages, and each stage can have multiple jobs. In addition, Stages respects our Build Matrix feature, which means you can define a matrix for the first stage, then define subsequent builds in later stages.

Naming your Jobs

As part of this release, we’re also introducing a highly-requested new feature - job names. You can now organize your build even better by setting a custom name for individual jobs. We recommend that job names are unique, but as of release, this is not enforced. Read up on the docs for how to define job names for jobs within Stages or Matrices.

Conditions v1 is the Platform-Wide Default

We are also updating the version of Conditions which and are using - they will now use the recently-released Conditions v1. If you use Conditions, Travis CI will parse your build request using the latest version, v1. You can specify v0 by adding the following to your .travis.yml: conditions: v0. Rolling back to v0 will be available as a fallback option until the end of the year. You can also test how Travis CI will evaluate your Conditions v1 logic using the new travis-conditions cli

Conditions v1 brings in many more build attributes you can use to define when and how your builds and stages run, as well as conveniently defined operators, and better support for environment variables. It’s a powerful companion to Build Stages, as Conditions gives you fine-grained control of which builds, stages, and jobs do and do not run - and when.

Community Forum & Feedback

Starting today, we will be actively running a new Community Forum for product feedback and discussions at We’d love to hear your your thoughts and questions about new and existing features here. If you need to get a hold of support, though, please feel free to contact us directly -

As always, we owe a huge thanks to the community for your input, feedback, and suggestions as we’ve created Build Stages and Conditions.. We’ve learned a ton from this iteration of our product feedback process, and are excited to be introducing better tooling and support to facilitate these conversations. Looking forward to hearing what you think of Build Stages and Conditions v1!