Join the conversation on the Travis CI Community Forum

Today, we’re officially announcing the Community Forum that connects our amazing community members from all across the world. We’re so excited to see engaging discussions happen in a dedicated space. Join the conversation!

Why we’re launching a new community forum

Since 2011, we’ve had over 10,000 conversations with you in the public issues in the travis-ci/travis-ci repository! We’ve been carefully listening to your feedback and collecting your suggestions and feature requests. Thank you for all of your contributions!

As conversations grew in number and complexity, we felt it was time to provide a dedicated space for them. GitHub issues, while excellent for tracking bug reports and some suggestions, doesn’t lend itself well to any nuanced conversations. We’re happy to share with you a new platform Using Discourse as our community platform, we’ll have far more tools available to engage and respond.

Travis CI grew out of the open source community and much of how Travis CI is built, what it has become, and where it is going has been shaped by your feedback. The whole Travis CI team is excited to launch the community forum to facilitate more meaningful interactions with our users, customers, and language ambassadors alike.

Josh Kalderimis, co-founder and VP of Product at Travis CI.

What you’ll find on

We started the Community Forum because we value your voice. We’re excited to read your suggestions, comments, and questions.

On, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect with developers from around the world,
  • Easily find the topics you’re looking for,
  • Get your ideas in front of developers with similar interests,
  • Leave your suggestions and questions,
  • Connect with us, the Travis CI team, and language ambassadors.

The travis-ci/travis-ci repository

This change also means that we will discontinue the use of issues in the travis-ci/travis-ci repository. When you create a new issue, it will be automatically closed with a message to re-open your request in the forum. Simultaneously, we’re working on answering and closing the remaining open issues.

See you on

On the forum, you’ll find conversations about how to write better code, build better software, and discussions about new technologies. You’ll learn more about Travis CI features, how things work and how to do more with CI. We’re looking forward to reading your comments on, see you there!