What's in store for Travis CI in 2019

At Travis CI, we are committed to building the best Continuous Integration and Deployment solution for your projects. This ultimately means building the best service for everyone: users, teams, and the community. Today, we are happy to share a first look at our upcoming themes for this year.

When building our roadmap, or planning any feature with our team, we always consider three key questions:

  • Does it make Travis CI easier to use?
  • Does it improve build performance?
  • Does it improve the quality for customers and the community?

We believe what we’ve planned for this year will delight you, all our users, and the community as a whole.

What’s in store for 2019

Apart from working on build performance which is a key area for us this year, we have prepared the following items to address the questions above:

Ease of Use

Simplicity to get setup and build

The .travis.yml config file is everywhere and has helped spawn multiple variations along the way. We have seen a proliferation of similar configs, through the community, and within growing teams and customers. We are excited to show you what we have been working on, but you will have to wait until April … watch this space!

A single platform for everyone

Last year we released our first step towards a single platform, with the aim of merging all users, projects, and history into travis-ci.com. Over the coming months we will be taking the next steps, with the goal of having one comprehensive platform by the end of the year.

Quality Improvements

The more you use Travis CI, the more useful it will become

Over the last seven years our community and customers have amassed a fair amount of build history, and we want to make more of this available to you and your team to analyze builds over time. We have our first release planned for the coming month and are looking forward to hearing your feedback so we can plan the next iteration.

Containers come in all shapes and size

Docker started the revolution towards bundling and running applications in containers. Kubernetes has become the way we run them at scale. And then there are operating system containers using LXD. It is fair to say that containers are everywhere. Our goal is to give you the flexibility with how you want to build your projects, including enabling you to use containers to do this.

Integrating with the systems we all use

Our focus on providing the best integration with GitHub began with OAuth and Service Hooks, to most recently, GitHub Apps. Taking what we have learned over the years, we plan to continue bringing similar first-class integrations to other partners. Keep on the lookout for some of our new partners throughout 2019.

We’d love to hear from you

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community to build a product. We want to build the best CI and CD solution for our customers and community, and to do that, we need your feedback.

If you have a suggestion for a feature we should add, an improvement to be made, or a bug you think needs some love, please use our community forum (https://travis-ci.community/c/product/feature-requests).

Thanks for being part of what makes Travis CI great!